Wednesday thoughts / Brendas thoughts on 29 November 2017

Sharing a moment of gratitude that I am actually here and alive. I would not be if not for a great-great-grandfather with a VERY thick skull and a chihuhuahua who saved my life when I was 16 by alerting the household & thus preventing an impending 3 a.m. fire.) Were it not for the chihuahua who picked me out — she was an 8th birthday present — I would be long gone. My father saved her life a short time after she had saved ours. She was terrified of thunder and accidentally hung herself on her leash when she ran and fell over the railing of the sunken patio, leaving her hanging, but her bark alerted us to her problem when she stopped mid-yelp. My dad gave her chest compressions and she came to wondering why he was doing this, and thought about biting him.

She was a great dog and I think of her often. (You can get your own chihuahua from any pound as sadly so many of them are tossed there! Perhaps bad owners do not like their feistiness and unique confident personalities.) Cats are also good at letting you know of problems and they are very much underrated as watch-pets (and family members) IMHO.

The story of my great-great-grandfather’s hard skull is told in THE THIRD BATTALION MISSISSIPPI INFANTRY AND THE 45th MISSISSIPPI REGIMENT. No one in the family knew how lucky we were to be here until my husband, the author, transcribed John Kern’s handwritten 19th century diary. Kern wrote of Bill being on picket and being hit in the head with a spent bullet. (And it happened the next week as well.) Bill was my ancestor, Private William B. Johnston of the 3rd Battalion Miss. Inf/45th Miss. Reg’t and all of his many, many descendants are amazingly lucky to have ever been here because all of this happened before he married Miss Samantha McEwen.

In other happy news, I want to share that my husband has five new books (or monographs) out this week!

They are on the families Gettemy (PA), Rose (of PA & OH & NJ), KEAGY (PA & includes John Brown’s second in command), Kirkbride (England & Ohio) and Williamson (Scotland & Ohio only). All can be seen and purchased at . Any bookstore can also order them for you. Have a peek to enjoy the covers too!

POEM OF THE DAY / Cats and pounds

“Where there’s life there’s hope,” my father often said. But he didn’t know kill pounds killed pets of the homeless, poor and dead.

by Brenda Perrott Williamson

If you are on social media, please share the plight of pound pets and help them find homes before too late.

New York City’s kill pound is called NYC ACC and you can find the cats they have put on “death row” daily through those who help try to find them homes or adopters — @urgentpodr and @mustlovecatsnyc

Eleven cats are featured tonight:

Or view tonight’s list here: .


For dogs:


On Twitter, please retweet for cats in need of homes at @urgentpodr @mustlovecatsnyc @meowmiya88
@philafelines (Philadelphia, PA), @cutepetsnorfolk (Virginia), @cutepetsdenver (Colorado), @cutepetsadamsco (Brighton/Adams Co., Colorado) , @cutepetsriverside (California), @southernpinesms (South Mississippi) and so many more! The tweets (or on Facebook your Facebook shares) help them find homes or people who can pledge to help rescues afford to save them from the pounds.

Wherever you live, when it is time to add furry members to your family you can find any breed or any wonderful mix of breeds at the pound. Chihuahuas and loving cats who do not believe in being mistreated without comment seem to be dumped in hordes. A very sad and sick commentary on our country. If we all act, this can change.

Again, I am thankful to be alive today and very thankful to have known the furry family members I have including the great ones that make our lives extra joyful right now. I am thankful for the cats who trained me to love cats in my childhood and the father who loved cats.

Our precious and amazing cat, WILDE OSCAR, is pictured on the back covers of the five new books as he joined the author in his author picture. Oscar survived Hurricane Katrina with a burned tail that had to be amputated and has been quite the CHEERFUL survivor guy. These appearances in the author photos are his first appearances on any book.

Every book in the five book series newly visible at is dedicated to a very wonderful (and unfortunately dearly departed) nephew who will live on through all he met even once and all he accomplished in his very short life.

And for Christmas book ideas, look at the other books David Williamson has written.  From DEAR LUCKY: LETTERS TO OUR CAT to his great Civil War books, you have choices that may interest you there.

Please do buy books for Christmas gifts!  Whatever books you choose, do buy books for Christmas gifts!

Everyone needs their own copies of of To Kill A Mockingbird, de Tocqueville, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ulysses S. Grant’s memoirs, Robert Burns’ poetry, and the poignant tales of 47th Indiana court-martial cases in THE 47th INDIANA VOLUNTEER INFANTRY:  COURT-MARTIAL CASE FILES.  (So many books to buy and read as the saying goes and so little time!)


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