Brenda’s thoughts on November 1st, 2017 including some suggestions for BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS

Nine great cats and kittens are on “death row” in New York City’s kill pound, NYC ACC.  Please go to the Urgent Pets on Death Row’s rescue page and see what you can do.  You can pledge from anywhere and will only owe if the cat’s life is saved.  You can see the cats on Twitter also — follow @urgentpodr and retweet there to help these cats find homes or fosters before kill time begins.  One way to pledge is to hit reply on the cat’s photo and type, “I pledge ___ for __ cat.”  Rescue groups have to have money to pull cats so your donation will help.  You owe the money when/if the cat is saved.

How did Nov. 2017 get here so quickly?  Best wishes to all participating in NaNoWriMo this month and all who are writing in any month!

Happy reading also!

I will mention the dreaded “Christmas” word this early as if you are already choosing gifts I want to suggest books.

BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS may include any number of choices.

My husband’s cat book, DEAR LUCKY: LETTERS TO OUR CAT tells in charming vignettes of our little rescue kitten’s growing up years.  I took the photographs but the delightful fellow made it easy!  He was an indoor / outdoor cat & loved to run & jump & chase leaves.  (The cover photo was one he thought I could not take, semi-hiding behind a big pine tree — but a zoom lens does save the day!)  This book doesn’t have the sad moments that too many choices of pet books may have making it perfect for Christmas.  It comes in paperback and ebook.  You can easily find it in both versions (and other books by my husband as well) at his Amazon author’s website, .   DEAR LUCKY has a lagniappe story about a cat named COOKIE in NEW ORLEANS.

Everyone needs a copy of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  Would you believe that in 2017 — the 21st century — there is an idiot school system in coastal Mississippi that won’t teach this in the classroom?  Every reader and every writer needs to read it.  The writing is exquisite and the story timeless and one is reminded of why some people ‘s books become classics.   It is not in most senses a happy book but it is a classic and should be in every person’s library in my opinion.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS JOYS by BROWNE is a delightful and fun-loving book that makes a great stocking stuffer.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS would be a good time to start someone on their Dickens collection, perhaps one could start with that fabulous illustrated version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Ask children what BOOKS they want for Christmas as well as what toys to instill that little hint that one should want books.

DICK FRANCIS and also FELIX FRANCIS novels are pleasant reads in which you learn a bit about a given field while enjoying a good mystery.   TO THE HILT is set in SCOTLAND.

A complete book of ROBERT BURNS POETRY is something everyone should have in their library IMHO.  I believe a leather bound copy is even available.

More thoughts soon and have a happy and safe November!





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