APRIL THOUGHTS – 9 April 2017

I hope this finds your 2017 going as well as it can!  I will be blogging more regularly though not necessarily daily.

If you haven’t read THOMAS HARDY poems, this April is a good time to start.  Fascinating and still say so much today.  (And yes, he was in the era where they actually bothered to rhyme — content AND rhyme.)

Christmas: 1924

” Peace upon earth!” was said. We sing it,

And pay a million priests to bring it.

After two thousand years of mass

We’ve got as far as poison-gas.



FOUR GREAT CATS ARE IN NYC ACC’s death row.  Please do what you can for them before noon on Monday, 10 April.  (After that, you can try but it may be too late.  Pledges can be from anywhere.)  Please also check cats at @urgentcatstampa, @philafelines (where at least one great cat is on death row for Monday night), @cobbkitties, @southernpinesms and all you can.


SAVE FABULOUS LITTLE JAIME!! “A volunteer writes: A precious little girl relinquished … http://nyccats.urgentpodr.org/jaime-a1105605/  #NYC #cats

SAVE HIM — “sweetheart Willey is a little shy and wary”! #ADOPT #FOSTER #PLEDGE BEFORE NOON MONDAY! #NYC #cats http://nyccats.urgentpodr.org/willey-a1107783/ 

MACKIE IS “A SHY, PERFECTLY HEALTHY” BABY who needs a loving home! #ADOPT #FOSTER #PLEDGE #CATS #NYC http://nyccats.urgentpodr.org/mackie-a1107910/ 

“SUPER HERO NEEDED TONIGHT FOR FREDERICK!” SAVE THIS FABULOUS BOY b4 NOON MON.! #NYC #cats http://nyccats.urgentpodr.org/frederick-a1107972/ 


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