11. cats in need in NEW YORK CITY’s kill pound

Hope you will have a happy Tuesday, 31 March, & I have shared some info so you can help some cats too.

There are some really great cats on #NYC ACC (New York City’s kill pound) death row for noon Tuesday, 31 March. Click on the photo and pledge from anywhere. Read more & do what you can for them!

15 great cats are in death row & they will start killing them at noon Eastern time so please act fast if you can help. 3 fabulous black cats whose humans ran on hard times, a couple of super sweet orange cats, Wanda a dilute tortie whose human died, Kirk whose crossed paws & placid demeanor show he should be a photographer’s #muse rather than a cat on death row. SO many greats! Here are the 15 who are scheduled to die starting at noon. Click on the photo for each story & to pledge. Read instructions.

LAKE & ALEXEI have to be pulled through a NYC ACC approved rescue as they are terrified & were thus labeled “New Hope,” known as “no Hope.”

DARLING ALEXEI LOST HUMAN & ALL TO EVICTION, then was TRAPPED! SAVE THIS #PET #CAT! https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/a.576546742357162.1073741827.155925874419253/976106135734552/?type=1

RT@jackiehotmai LOVEABLE LAKE 3y/o HE needs a #RESCUE b4 it’s too late ADOPT FOSTER PLEDGE https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/a.576546742357162.1073741827.155925874419253/973082639370235/?type=1 … …
“Save Unique #MIMSEY…He walks on harness &likes attention.” MIMSEY’s human became sick & someone dumped this love to death row NYC ACC:

“PLAYFUL & AFFECTIONATE” #NYC ACC death row CHRISLEY’s inquisitiveness shows in #photo

LOVING #cat WISIN “leans into assessor’s hand.” #SAVE HIS LIFE! GET HIM OUT OF #NYC ACC! https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/posts/976122595732906

SAVE …”snoozy super lovebug Ebenezer!!..easygoing PURRFECTsnugglylittle lapwarming buddy!! https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/a.379476635397508.100494.155925874419253/975414042470428/?type=3&theater

“WANDA, FEMALE, 3 YO. HER OWNER DIED. EXPERIENCED CAT OWNER NEEDED. SHE IS ON THE SHY SIDE” Wanda is a dilute calico & beautiful & needs some pledges or an adoption or foster. Pledges needed for rescues to pull. http://fb.me/7atvFaiEf

Just remember & remind others — kill pounds kill a lot of the cats. The majority according to the stats. If you TAKE a cat to the kill pound then even if your cat is adopted/fostered, some other cat will die. Keep your pets for life and if you absolutely cannot for financial reasons then find a safe and loving home or that rare no kill place.

CANELA is in NEW YORK CITY’s kill pound. Such a pretty cat!

“Adorable friendly purring 2y #ALENA w curly ear #DEATHROW 3/26 STILL ALIVE!” https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/a.379476635397508.100494.155925874419253/973147126030453/?type=3&theater … #NYC #RESCUE❤️

MAKSIM is probably Bombay — quite loving.
“Timid gentle MAKSIM #DEATHROW 3/30 STILL ALIVE!” https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/a.379476635397508.100494.155925874419253/975413769137122/?type=3&theater … … … #RESCUE #PLEDGE #FOSTER

“Scared6mBaby BOBO #DEATHROW 3/30 STILL ALIVE!” https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/a.379476635397508.100494.155925874419253/972065109471988/?type=3&theater … … #RESCUE #PLEDGE #FOSTER #ADOPT

Friendly LEO LOVES TO EAT & CUDDLE! Came n #NYC ACC UNDERFED. https://www.facebook.com/PetsOnDeathRow/photos/

Breathtaking sweet WARHOL of the beautiful coloring & long hair may still be alive & rescue-able. (LABELED STRAY AT OVER 10 lbs he is a sweetie who wants to live & love again.)

I am not in New York City but am sharing in the hope that adopters, fosters can be found.

You can follow me on Twitter @brendaperrott, @brendaoncats & our @wildeoscarcat.


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