late September 2018 thoughts

When asked who I would like to have supper with across centuries, George Bernard Shaw and George Orwell’s names invariably pop up.  This week I’d love to have some great lawyers to supper as well —  Wellman of THE ART OF CROSS EXAMINATION, Edward Bennett Williams, Dr. Ford’s lawyers and my husband’s late great uncle, Clyde Thompson Kirkbride of Cleveland, Ohio.

I am deeply appalled at the choice for Supreme Court nominee under consideration.  We are in grave danger of losing our unique secular democracy when a man who is against women’s rights to their own bodies, against birth control and against abortion is able to even be under consideration.   I don’t want to live in any theocracy but least of all do I want to be in a Catholic theocracy.


“Where there’s life, there’s hope,” my father often said.

But he didn’t know kill pounds killed pets of the homeless, poor and dead.


A cat is a gift, a true treasure.

And one who will love you without measure.

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Cats needing rescue and Happy Birthday, Robert Burns

CATS OF NYC ACC — THEY NEED LOVING HOMES OR FOSTERS.  Tweets for them at @urgentpodr and @mustlovecatsnyc





Save this really amazing SWEET BOY!!!!  YARA NEEDS U NOW!!!  RT@urgentpodr… SAY YES TO YARA, PLEASE! DELISH CREAMSICLE NEEDS YOU!!! Adorable Three Year Old Orange…  #NYC #cats

Please follow @urgentpodr, @mustlovecatsnyc , @philafelines , @cobbkitties and more to help more cats in need!


TAM O’SHANTER is my choice for poem of the day!


“What are Robert Burns’ most famous poems?

“Robert Burns penned dozens of famous sonnets and poems, including:

  • Auld Lang Syne (the well-known New Year’s/Hogmany song)
  • A Red, Red Rose
  • A Fond Kiss
  • A Man’s A Man For A’ That
  • A Winter Night
  • To A Mouse
  • My Heart’s In The Highlands
  • Address To A Haggis

You can find the words to these poems, and a full list of his works, here. ”

“Robert Burns brought to live by 3-D animation:



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Wednesday thoughts / Brendas thoughts on 29 November 2017

Sharing a moment of gratitude that I am actually here and alive. I would not be if not for a great-great-grandfather with a VERY thick skull and a chihuhuahua who saved my life when I was 16 by alerting the household & thus preventing an impending 3 a.m. fire.) Were it not for the chihuahua who picked me out — she was an 8th birthday present — I would be long gone. My father saved her life a short time after she had saved ours. She was terrified of thunder and accidentally hung herself on her leash when she ran and fell over the railing of the sunken patio, leaving her hanging, but her bark alerted us to her problem when she stopped mid-yelp. My dad gave her chest compressions and she came to wondering why he was doing this, and thought about biting him.

She was a great dog and I think of her often. (You can get your own chihuahua from any pound as sadly so many of them are tossed there! Perhaps bad owners do not like their feistiness and unique confident personalities.) Cats are also good at letting you know of problems and they are very much underrated as watch-pets (and family members) IMHO.

The story of my great-great-grandfather’s hard skull is told in THE THIRD BATTALION MISSISSIPPI INFANTRY AND THE 45th MISSISSIPPI REGIMENT. No one in the family knew how lucky we were to be here until my husband, the author, transcribed John Kern’s handwritten 19th century diary. Kern wrote of Bill being on picket and being hit in the head with a spent bullet. (And it happened the next week as well.) Bill was my ancestor, Private William B. Johnston of the 3rd Battalion Miss. Inf/45th Miss. Reg’t and all of his many, many descendants are amazingly lucky to have ever been here because all of this happened before he married Miss Samantha McEwen.

In other happy news, I want to share that my husband has five new books (or monographs) out this week!

They are on the families Gettemy (PA), Rose (of PA & OH & NJ), KEAGY (PA & includes John Brown’s second in command), Kirkbride (England & Ohio) and Williamson (Scotland & Ohio only). All can be seen and purchased at . Any bookstore can also order them for you. Have a peek to enjoy the covers too!

POEM OF THE DAY / Cats and pounds

“Where there’s life there’s hope,” my father often said. But he didn’t know kill pounds killed pets of the homeless, poor and dead.

by Brenda Perrott Williamson

If you are on social media, please share the plight of pound pets and help them find homes before too late.

New York City’s kill pound is called NYC ACC and you can find the cats they have put on “death row” daily through those who help try to find them homes or adopters — @urgentpodr and @mustlovecatsnyc

Eleven cats are featured tonight:

Or view tonight’s list here: .


For dogs:


On Twitter, please retweet for cats in need of homes at @urgentpodr @mustlovecatsnyc @meowmiya88
@philafelines (Philadelphia, PA), @cutepetsnorfolk (Virginia), @cutepetsdenver (Colorado), @cutepetsadamsco (Brighton/Adams Co., Colorado) , @cutepetsriverside (California), @southernpinesms (South Mississippi) and so many more! The tweets (or on Facebook your Facebook shares) help them find homes or people who can pledge to help rescues afford to save them from the pounds.

Wherever you live, when it is time to add furry members to your family you can find any breed or any wonderful mix of breeds at the pound. Chihuahuas and loving cats who do not believe in being mistreated without comment seem to be dumped in hordes. A very sad and sick commentary on our country. If we all act, this can change.

Again, I am thankful to be alive today and very thankful to have known the furry family members I have including the great ones that make our lives extra joyful right now. I am thankful for the cats who trained me to love cats in my childhood and the father who loved cats.

Our precious and amazing cat, WILDE OSCAR, is pictured on the back covers of the five new books as he joined the author in his author picture. Oscar survived Hurricane Katrina with a burned tail that had to be amputated and has been quite the CHEERFUL survivor guy. These appearances in the author photos are his first appearances on any book.

Every book in the five book series newly visible at is dedicated to a very wonderful (and unfortunately dearly departed) nephew who will live on through all he met even once and all he accomplished in his very short life.

And for Christmas book ideas, look at the other books David Williamson has written.  From DEAR LUCKY: LETTERS TO OUR CAT to his great Civil War books, you have choices that may interest you there.

Please do buy books for Christmas gifts!  Whatever books you choose, do buy books for Christmas gifts!

Everyone needs their own copies of of To Kill A Mockingbird, de Tocqueville, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Ulysses S. Grant’s memoirs, Robert Burns’ poetry, and the poignant tales of 47th Indiana court-martial cases in THE 47th INDIANA VOLUNTEER INFANTRY:  COURT-MARTIAL CASE FILES.  (So many books to buy and read as the saying goes and so little time!)


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WWI poems, Brenda’s thoughts on November 12, 2017

I hope this finds you, my readers, enjoying a happy and safe weekend full of cats, books, and restfulness.  And a big thank you to those of you who are working while others rest and play.


If you are on Twitter, please go to @urgentpodr, @urgentcatstampa, @mustlovecatsnyc, @cobbkitties, @cutepetsriverside, @cutepetsadamsco, @cutepetsdenver, @southernpinesms and all others you can to retweet their cat tweets to help those cats find homes.  Pledges will often help a cat survive a kill pound as they help rescues have the money to save a cat who isn’t to be saved in time by adoption or foster.  (Tonight — for one example — there are 7 great cats and kittens on death row in New York City’s kill pound alone!  They are in immediate danger at noon Eastern time.)  Facebook also has cat information and groups.

It is terrible that the United States has so many pounds that kill lost cats, stolen cats and the cats of the poor.   Many times when you read a cat’s biography you will realize that they were SEIZED when the humans were evicted and those who cannot pay their own rent are unlikely to have $75-200 to save their cats or other pets.  Two benefits of getting rid of kill pounds will be that more “shelters” will become actual shelters & not Orwellian mischaracterizations and THEY WILL NO LONGER BE PLAYGROUNDS (and training grounds) FOR THOSE WHO LOVE TO KILL.

“Who could kill a kitten?”  someone asked me when I was beefing about those who kill these great pets on a “death row” schedule?  GREAT QUESTION.  THE ANSWER IS ALWAYS PSYCHOPATHS.  THERE IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ANYONE WHO CAN KILL A KITTEN!  Or any other animal that is NOT endangering their very lives.


This Veterans’ Day weekend here is one of the great World War I poems and a web site with a bit more about it:


In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

Here is a bit more on IN FLANDERS FIELDS courtesy of:

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Brenda’s thoughts on November 1st, 2017 including some suggestions for BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS

Nine great cats and kittens are on “death row” in New York City’s kill pound, NYC ACC.  Please go to the Urgent Pets on Death Row’s rescue page and see what you can do.  You can pledge from anywhere and will only owe if the cat’s life is saved.  You can see the cats on Twitter also — follow @urgentpodr and retweet there to help these cats find homes or fosters before kill time begins.  One way to pledge is to hit reply on the cat’s photo and type, “I pledge ___ for __ cat.”  Rescue groups have to have money to pull cats so your donation will help.  You owe the money when/if the cat is saved.

How did Nov. 2017 get here so quickly?  Best wishes to all participating in NaNoWriMo this month and all who are writing in any month!

Happy reading also!

I will mention the dreaded “Christmas” word this early as if you are already choosing gifts I want to suggest books.

BOOKS FOR CHRISTMAS may include any number of choices.

My husband’s cat book, DEAR LUCKY: LETTERS TO OUR CAT tells in charming vignettes of our little rescue kitten’s growing up years.  I took the photographs but the delightful fellow made it easy!  He was an indoor / outdoor cat & loved to run & jump & chase leaves.  (The cover photo was one he thought I could not take, semi-hiding behind a big pine tree — but a zoom lens does save the day!)  This book doesn’t have the sad moments that too many choices of pet books may have making it perfect for Christmas.  It comes in paperback and ebook.  You can easily find it in both versions (and other books by my husband as well) at his Amazon author’s website, .   DEAR LUCKY has a lagniappe story about a cat named COOKIE in NEW ORLEANS.

Everyone needs a copy of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.  Would you believe that in 2017 — the 21st century — there is an idiot school system in coastal Mississippi that won’t teach this in the classroom?  Every reader and every writer needs to read it.  The writing is exquisite and the story timeless and one is reminded of why some people ‘s books become classics.   It is not in most senses a happy book but it is a classic and should be in every person’s library in my opinion.

THE LITTLE BOOK OF CHRISTMAS JOYS by BROWNE is a delightful and fun-loving book that makes a great stocking stuffer.

CHRISTMAS GIFTS would be a good time to start someone on their Dickens collection, perhaps one could start with that fabulous illustrated version of A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

Ask children what BOOKS they want for Christmas as well as what toys to instill that little hint that one should want books.

DICK FRANCIS and also FELIX FRANCIS novels are pleasant reads in which you learn a bit about a given field while enjoying a good mystery.   TO THE HILT is set in SCOTLAND.

A complete book of ROBERT BURNS POETRY is something everyone should have in their library IMHO.  I believe a leather bound copy is even available.

More thoughts soon and have a happy and safe November!




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Brenda’s Monday Thoughts, 2 October 2017


First, I want to send my deepest condolences to the families and friends of those killed in the horrible Vegas shootings and all best wishes to those who were injured and their families and friends.


If you can tweet for cats, please go to @urgentpodr, @mustlovecatsnyc , @urgentcatstampa , @maree71439592 , @petsavers_nj and more as you can to help cats in need at kill pounds.  You can pledge to help the cats of many kill pounds (as in the case of Tampa and NYC ) even if you live far away.

Please remind people that you can find the world’s most beautiful cats (and other pets too) in a kill pound.  You do not need to buy from a breeder or a pet shop; and, indeed, those beautiful souls you save from a kill pound will appreciate being saved.  They KNOW you have rescued them and they will remember.  If you cannot bear to walk into a kill pound, then work with a rescue who can pull the cats for you.  New Yorkers and those in that area can email helpcats@urgentpodr for guidance.

Since this is poetry month, I will share once again one of my cat poems:


A cat is a gift,

a true treasure.

and one who will love you

without measure.

–Brenda Perrott Williamson


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Brenda’s Thoughts on July 17th


If you have a second to share cats in need please go to @urgentpodr and @mustlovecatsnyc and share the 17 NYC cats in death row need tonight.  They need you before noon Eastern time on Wed.  Who knew that if you were a cat and a man kicked you instead of HIM being in jail you’d be on death row?  That is the plight of 7 month old WHISKEY, a kitten who is still very loving and has a video.  The video will not save WHISKEY but pledges or that one adopter or foster may!  Many more stories of wronged cats too.   (Cats all over need you it is true.  I hope you will add cats to your life whenever you can and pledge for those in need too.  In the meantime, PLEASE SHARE ALL 17 cats’ and kittens’ stories with all you know or are on social media with.)

I was going to share my May Day poem with you belatedly as it is in a way about the return of the Gilded Age but WordPress has made it too difficult for those in a hurry so here is a new poem instead:


A cat is a gift,

a true treasure.

and one who will love you

without measure.

–Brenda Perrott Williamson



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